New Will Smith Movies

Will Smith is coming back to the movie scene!  He hadn’t appeared in a film for 4 years after Seven Pounds came out in 2008.  Men in Black 3 came out this year, and After Earth and Winter’s Tale are his two movies coming out next year.  After Earth is a sci-fi adventure story about a man and his son who crash land on a futuristic Earth and have to fight for their survival.  Will Smith’s son plays his son in the movie. 

Winter’s Tale is a fantasy story that takes place in both 19th Century and present-day Manhattan.  The story is about a thief, a girl who is dieing, and a white horse that can fly.  Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell co-star.

If you havn’t seen it, check out Men In Black 3 here:

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After Earth Trailer

This is a trailer for Will Smith’s new movie After Earth. This is his second movie since 2008.